Kendo Etiquette (“rei-gi”)

Kendo is an art form that utilizes the sword, the body, and the environment. Within kendo, rei-gi (etiquette) is a very important aspect to internalize because without it, kendo becomes mere violence. Not only does rei-gi help the kenshi develop their kendo, it is also respectful of the dojo and of the other kenshi who you will practice with. Dojo Manners:

    1. Greet other members when you arrive [“Good evening” = “Konban-wa”]
    2. No shoes in the dojo [take off before entering]
    3. Turn off your cell phones
    4. Enter the room with a bow while you say “konban-wa” loudly
    5. When leaving, bow and say “sayonara” (goodbye) or “oyasumi-nasai” (good night)
    6. When another member leaves in such a fashion (#5), respond with “sayonara” or “oyasumi-nasai”

For additional tips, check out the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF) guidelines